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Types of Swimming Pool Renovations in San Antonio, TX; Gunite Pool Plastering, Resurfacing, Inground Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement & More

If you have a pool in your backyard, you may notice over time, just like most things, it starts to break down. When this happens, if you love your pool, you will be looking into making some renovations to update and reinforce your pool. Cinderella Pools would like to talk about some updates that will make you fall in love with your pool all over again!

Gunite Pool Plastering & Resurfacing

Sometimes the surface of your pool can start to look stained with age. You may also notice there are areas that seems to be chipping away. If this is the case, you may want to look into resurfacing your pool. There are a few options when it comes to resurfacing a pool.
• Plaster
• Tiles
• Aggregate
You may want to install different lighting at this point to add to your pool. You should also consider the durability of each resurfacing option when deciding which one will best suit your needs.

Inground Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Some pools are lined with vinyl. If this describes your pool, you can count on it lasting 6 to 10 years. When choosing a new vinyl liner for your pool, there are a wide variety of designs and options available to you. This is a chance to really change the look of your pool with a totally new vinyl design.

Update Pool Decking

If you have decking around your pool, it will start to age with time as well. Updating the decking around your pool is a great way to add flare to your pool. You may want to switch things up and choose a material that is more slip resistant as well as add texture to the surface. There are several color choices available to choose from for the perfect pool decking.

Add a Waterfall or Water Feature to Your Pool

A way to amp up your pool and add real flare is with a water feature. Fountains and waterfalls can give your pool an elegant, exotic feel. You will forget you’re in your backyard and not at a resort on vacation.

Vinyl Inground Pool Coping Replacement

When pools get a lot of use, the coping around the edges of the pools start to chip away and look worn. Changing this element of your pool will really change the way your pool looks. There are also different options for coping as well, depending on your budget and wants. You may want to stick with concrete, or switch it up and put in brick. Stone is a beautiful choice as well. Without the coping in good condition, it becomes a risk to those getting in and out of the pool. Not to mention, it will drastically change the look of your pool when you put new coping around it.

Swimming Pool Renovations & More in San Antonio, Hillsboro & Kerrville, TX | Bexar County & Hill Country, Texas

Renovating your pool can be a fun experience. It can drastically change the way your backyard looks. Cinderella Pools has been upgrading and repairing pools for years and would love to give your pool a makeover. Call today for a consultation.

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