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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

For your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance needs in the Greater San Antonio, TX area, Cinderella Pools is a licensed and insured service provider, supplying the locals with high quality pool services at affordable rates. To ensure superior results our qualified experts use their expertise and advanced equipment and products. With completely trained, experienced, and skilled technicians, you can rely on a clean pool to expertly execute maintenance needs.

One Time Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

For those that prefer to do their own cleaning and maintenance, there are times where you may have gone on vacation and come to find a pond rather than a clear, clean pool. When the pool gets out of control on your San Antonio, TX property, Cinderella Pools can help you get your pool to a healthy state and ensure it is looking its best. We include testing and a detailed clean-up to restore your pool.

Scheduled Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Cinderella Pools offers routinely scheduled cleaning and pool chemical maintenance to ensure the right balance of chlorine and other stabilizers along with expert cleaning needs. Our weekly is popular among San Antonio, TX locals to ensures water quality and chemical levels are correct, all debris is removed from the water and walls of your pool, and your filter and pump are working efficiently. You can be sure that our pool technicians will arrive on time and leave your pool in sparkling condition and ready for your next dip. Our pool technicians are well-equipped with the latest water testing technology and treatment solutions. With continued communication, you can rely on Cinderella Pools offering in-depth cleaning and maintenance to ensure the overall health of your pool.

Swimming Pool Cleaning, Maintenance & More in San Antonio, Hillsboro & Kerrville, TX | Bexar County & Hill Country, Texas

Whether you want Cinderella Pools to clean you pool as a one time service or if you want maintenance cleaning scheduled, our certified professionals are readily available to assist you. Call Cinderella Pools today to get started cleaning and maintaining your San Antonio, Texas pool.

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